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Laboratory Entrance Signage System

Laboratory entrance signs are required by regulatory agencies and are essential to safety by providing critical information to lab users, visitors, and emergency responders, alerting them to specific hazards in the respective lab. Lab entrance signs are to be posted at all entrances to each functionally separate laboratory. In an open space lab design, such as seen in Vontz Research Center Building, each bench will have signs posted to specify the Principal Investigator and specific hazards located on that bench.

This new signage program allows the Principal Investigator and/or lab personnel to request a customized sign specifically for their lab by choosing the appropriate NFPA ratings, hazard and PPE pictograms. The information on each sign must also include the names and emergency phone numbers of the Principal Investigator and any other designated personnel (i.e. safety supervisor or building manager) so that first responders and/or other safety personnel have the critical contact information readily available to them in the event of an emergency.

Lab entrance signs are requested via the web application URL below. After you input the information for your sign and select the appropriate pictograms, EH&S will print it and post it at the entrance(s) to your lab. See an example of a laboratory entrance sign.

Training and assistance in using the Lab Entrance Sign program are available through EH&S. If you have any questions about the program please contact the EH&S office at 556-4968

Access the sign request form

An EH&S database login is required to submit your sign request. To request an account, click here.

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