Pollution Control Engineering

  • Environmental Health & Safety responds to and investigates all point sources of pollution engineering and recommends necessary corrective action. More Information

Construction Project Review

  • Engineering staff review and develop plans and specifications for designated construction projects, assist architects and engineers in developing performance standards in technical design which comply with regulated environmental and safety standards, and provide technical advice for contractors and vendors on construction and installation conditions and problems.

Environmental Impact Studies

  • We will provide direct supervision of outside consultations for environmental assessments. These include: exterior relationship environmental assessments, interior ventilation measurements, working drawing comparison assessments, and corrective action recommendations. Requests for environmental impact studies should be made by contacting Environmental Health & Safety.

Underground Storage Tank Program

  • The University of Cincinnati adheres to all regulations for owners and operators of Underground Storage Tanks systems (USTs) containing "regulated substances." Prior to any installations, upgrades, and/or removals, Environmental Health & Safety must be contacted to conduct a site inspection and any necessary sampling to determine possible contamination before the UST can be permanently closed, modified, or removed.

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