1. How do I get to the Office of Environmental Health and Safety?

2. I need a waste pickup – I have chemical and biological waste. What should I do?

3. How do I get a copy of a MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET?

4. What do I do if I detect an unusual odor at work?

5. How do I sign up for training courses i.e., - bloodborne pathogens, advanced laboratory safety, hazard communication, laser, etc.

6. An inspector from an outside agency has arrived at my facility to do a site inspection. What should I do?

7. What is the Occupational/Work-Related Injury/Illness Return to Work Process at the University?

8. I need supplies for my laboratory – such as lab signage, waste labels, red bags. How do I get these items?

9. My laboratory is moving to a new location, or being remodeled. What procedures should be followed?

10. I need to have Respirator Fit Testing and Training. What do I do?

11. What procedures do I follow when transporting hazardous materials?

12. I would like to have an ergonomic evaluation on my workstation. What procedures do I follow?

13. A spill has occurred in my laboratory. What steps should be taken to clean up the spill?

14. The granting agency is requesting a "Certificate of Environmental Compliance" signed by the Director of Environmental Health and Safety. What is the process for acquiring a "Certificate of Environmental Compliance" for the grant?

15. I'm a student and have received an injury. How do I report the incident?

16. Do I need a spill kit if I work with hazardous chemicals?

17. Do I need a spill kit if I work with biological or infectious materials?

18. Where are fire extinguishers kept and how do I use one?

19. What should I do if I think I saw a bed bug?