At the request of the University of Cincinnati, Environmental Health & Engineering, Inc. (EH&E) has developed a Web site dedicated to sharing information regarding the indoor environmental quality (IEQ) in MSB. Specifically, the Web site contains the following types of information:

  • Emergency contact information for urgent IEQ issues
  • Contact information to log IEQ concerns
  • Document libraries that house communications (memos, meeting minutes) and reports regarding the IEQ within MSB
  • An occupant log to document IEQ concerns and/or symptoms

The purpose of the Web site is to improve access to important IEQ information for the occupants of MSB, to provide a feedback mechanism to track occupant concerns or symptoms, and to communicate past, current, and future efforts to improve the indoor environment.

The Web site is hosted by EH&E in a secure, password-protected environment. To access the site, simply click on the link below, or copy and paste it into your browser window.

You will be directed to the login page that requires both a user ID and password. We have provided one user name and password for all the MSB occupants so that confidentiality is maintained, if desired. Type in the following user ID and password into the pop-up dialog box to enter the site. The password is case-sensitive so be sure to turn off the "caps lock" button.

Once in the site, feel free to browse the document libraries, log an IEQ concern or symptoms. Please note that your permission is restricted to a read-only status, although you can enter data into the occupant log. If you try to change the site in any way, your changes will not be saved.

  • User ID:      msbuser
  • Password:     msb123