Infectious: Any potentially contaminated sharps; human and animal blood samples, blood products, other body fluids, tissues, and organs are all considered biological and infectious materials. These materials should be isolated from the general wastes and discarded directly into labeled containers which identify them as such.

Chemical: Waste chemicals which have the properties of toxicity, flammability, reactivity or corrosivity are considered hazardous wastes. These chemicals must be isolated from solid (normal trash) waste and properly containerized and labeled for disposition.

Departments or employees who generate chemical or infectious waste can contact Environmental Health & Safety for disposal information.

NOTE:  An EH&S user account is required to enter waste pickup forms.

•        To gain access, visit our registration page:   Register for EH&S account

Click below for information about completing pickup request forms online:

Infectious Waste Pickup Labels
Chemical Waste Pickup Labels


Infectious Waste Disposal Charges: The current charge is $1.18/lb (as of 10/01/2022). The weight of the red barrel will not be included in the charge. All containers will be weighed when they are picked up.

Chemical Waste Disposal Funding:

From: UC-Triple-D List  On Behalf Of Reilly, M. B. (reillymb)
Sent: Tuesday, November 10, 2020 1:37 PM
Subject: [UC-TRIPLE-D] Chemical Waste Disposal Fee Increase

DATE:    November 10, 2020

TO:         Deans, Directors and Department Heads

FROM:  Patrick Clark, Associate Vice President, Operations and Business Intelligence
              Patrick Kowalski, Vice President, Finance

RE:          Chemical Waste Disposal Fee Increase

The chemical waste assessment fee will increase to 1.85% effective November 1, 2020.

The disposal of chemical waste for the University of Cincinnati is funded by charging a monthly assessment fee to expenses charged on laboratory supply general ledger codes.

•        531900 – Lab Expenses
•        531901 – Lab Supplies
•        531902 – Lab device/non-equipment
•        531903 – Chemical Solutions
•        531905 – Bio agents/toxins
•        531906 – Liquids & gases
•        531907 – Glassware
•        531908 – Lab linens
•        531909 – Rubber goods
•        531910 – UC Scientific Core Svc
•        531911 – Chemistry stockroom
•        531912 – Physics stockroom

The program is operated on a cost recovery basis and will not make or lose money. To accomplish this, the monthly assessment is evaluated and raised or lowered to meet this cost recovery goal. The current assessment fee of 1.75% will increase to 1.85% due to increased disposal costs and reduced lab supply expenditures. 

The assessed charges will be charged to the same fund, cost center, and functional area that was used for the lab and chemical supply purchases with the exception of Grant and Service Center funds.  Grant and Service Center fund assessments will be charged to the Facilities and Administrative (F&A) overhead fund (D7) for the college associated with the grant or service center.

Exception: UCit, Utilities, and other service center funds without F&A overhead fund will be charged for their assessments via their non-service center core fund. 

The proceeds from this assessment will be recorded in the Chemical Disposal Lab Waste designated Service Center Fund D600057. With this program, the funds for disposal of chemicals/hazardous wastes will be accumulated as the chemicals are purchased and should help reduce the amounts of chemicals and hazardous waste on campuses.

If you have any questions about the administration of this program, please contact Lisa Deckard at

Patrick Clark
Associate Vice President, Operations and Business Intelligence
Office of Research
University of Cincinnati
(513) 556-2628

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