IACUC-Specific Information

ALLERGIES:            Occupational Health and Safety

Allergies to laboratory animals may develop with prolonged exposure.  Personnel who already have allergies to other things may be at increased risk for developing allergies to animals.  It is important to consult with your doctor about suspected allergies (cold like symptoms, difficulty breathing, rashes).  Allergies can be managed through procedures such as desensitization, antiallergic medication, and prevention of exposure using personal protective clothing and equipment.

Allergies can develop to latex gloves and other materials.  Staff should be familiar with the signs of latex allergies and the means of preventing it.


ZOONOSES:            Occupational Health and Safety

A zoonosis is a disease that can be transmitted from animal to humans.  In many cases the disease can also be transmitted from humans back to animals.  Zoonotic diseases can be prevented through a variety of means, including use of protective clothes, prevention of bites and scratches, proper sharps handling procedures, medical surveillance and vaccination programs, and post-injury treatment.  Additional diseases may be significant depending on the species of animal, its microbiological status and animal handler’s health status. There are many sources of information on zoonoses some of those most pertinent to the research community are:

1. CDC National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases: Disease Information, Prevention and Program Areas

2. Daniel Shapiro’s Zoonoses Web Page

3. University of California, Davis – Risk Analysis Tools

4. CDC: Zoonotic Diseases

5. "Zoonoses or Everything I Didn't Want to Know About Wildlife Diseases"

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