Accident/Injury/Exposure Investigations

  • This department will investigate all reports of occupational illnesses or on-the-job injuries. Such investigations may include visiting the accident site, interviewing witnesses, and interviewing providers of emergency medical treatment. Workplace incidents must be documented. More Information

Buildings and Facilities Audits

  • All University buildings, which are currently owned or leased, are inspected as necessary on quarterly and yearly schedules. More Information

Health and Safety Training

  • This program provides training for informing employees and students about the potential hazards in their workplace. More Information includes a detailed list of training programs currently offered.


  • There is some information specific to the occupational safety of IACUC-related workers here: More Information.


  • This is the study of how work is performed, and emphasizes the physical stresses caused by repetitive stresses. Illnesses such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Back Strains are investigated. Call 556-4968 to request an ergonomic assessment.

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